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J.BOROSKI - One of the most innovative and enigmatic cocktail spaces to grace Hong Kong has landed in a secluded hide-away in Central.

A creative cocktail space hidden away off Hollywood Road, J.Boroski offers captivating décor, sensational bespoke cocktails and levels of service and intimacy rarely encountered.

J.Boroski is the brainchild of New Yorker mixsultant Joseph Boroski, who taps into his extensive experience as a master bartender, consultant and bar owner to bring this new vision of a cocktail concierge service to the city’s emerging cocktail scenes. Joseph introduces a unique ‘cocktail concierge service’ approach where drinks are crafted entirely based on guests’ preferences.

To accentuate the exclusivity of J.Boroski, access is on an invitation-only basis, allowing the space to offer its unique creativity to a curated audience.
J Boroski brings an entirely new approach to enjoying a cocktail!

Cuisine: Cocktails

Phone: 2603 6020

Email: hk@jboroski.com

Opening hours: 6:00pm until late daily

    We haven't uploaded the menus yet! Come back soon!!

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