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YOJIMBO, a nightlife revolution - underground, clandestine, intriguing, incredulous, mysterious – all of the above!

Located in the heart of the nightlife precinct of Central, Hong Kong, Yojimbo transports guests to another world, the underground world of vibrant Japanese clubbing.

Designed by the masterful designer Ashley Sutton, Yojimbo leads guests through an array of entertainment, pulsating music, international DJ’s and oriental cocktails - from Harajuku Girl, Yakuza Revenge or Ninja Shadow, an eclectic journey expressing mystical Japanese ideals, emotions and states of mind - symbolic of the underground Ginza lanes of Tokyo.

YOJIMBO Lounge Bar presents an all-night entertainment experience.

Cuisine: Cocktails

Phone: 2576 1717

Email: info@yojimbo.com.hk

Address: Shop 2-7 UG/F, Car Po Comm Bldg

Opening hours: Wed - Thu
8:00pm - 4:00 am

Fri - Sat
8:00pm - 5:00am

7:00pm - 3:00am

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

What's on?
Sunday Funday
Happy Hour

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