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Dining Concepts is a progressive hospitality group specialising in the development of quality dining experiences throughout Hong Kong.

The group was established in 2002 and now operates a collection of high performance restaurants within the portfolio.

Dining Concepts own and operate our own restaurants and partner with international chefs to facilitate the development of their brands in Hong Kong. Since its inception, Dining Concepts has developed and managed many of Hong Kong’s most successful dining outlets.


To exceed customer expectations in relation to quality dining experiences in the areas of cuisine, service and ambience while strengthening the growth and viability of all segments of the company for the long term benefit of employees, customers, shareholders, partners and suppliers.


The philosophy of Dining Concepts is to efficiently produce high quality cuisine, in interactive kitchen environments where possible, with ingredients that are fresh local produce or where required, the best available imported products.

The predominant themes of commitment are:


The company objective is to establish superior dining facilities in prime locations that offer high quality dining experiences in a friendly relaxed environment at an affordable price that represents excellent value for money. Total customer satisfaction is our aim.

At the same time, any developments must contribute to the overall profitability of the company.

To achieve these objectives, chefs are recruited from the international market, staff is trained to a high level and ingredients and produce are sourced from the best available locations.

Impeccable standards are demanded to ensure customer satisfaction reaches guest expectations.


The important aspect of our business model is defining our product, awareness of our customer base, creating customer satisfaction, encouraging and developing customer loyalty through our loyalty program, customer comment and feedback, implementing effective promotion and marketing activities, consistent training implementation and professional practices and procedure.


The company has enjoyed successful profitability to date and has a sound financial base with annual turnover growing at a significant rate. This solid financial base and our consolidated income, has enabled the group to continue to move forward with expansion and further development and as a result, is in a position to fund any future operations, expansion or franchise development through its internal financial resources.


Corporate responsibility is actioned throughout our operations with respect to community, charitable organisations, partners and staff.

The company supports a range of charities throughout the region and in addition, support many local charities including fund raising, schools, the under privileged and charitable events.

In relation to restaurant staff, we incentivise with cash and kind rewards, social activities and training opportunities throughout the year.